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Applying for university is one of challenges that every student faces if they plan on pursuing a higher education.

Taking SAT and ACT, searching for universities, preparing documents, getting references, writing essays and mailing them takes a lot of time and effort. However, if done properly, students can get good offers from universities.


If the students pick the right degree or major, then finding employment in that field will not be a challenge. Although just picking any degree does not guarantee a student employment because the employment market is not the same for all fields.

Therefore, planning everything out and getting advice from someone with experience can help the student in the long run.

As result, I have put up this course. This course can help you to learn about the application process for US universities.

I can help you pick out universities that are better suited for your education goals and financial capabilities.

I can help you organize the documents and explain to you what to expect in your freshman year. 

I can help with SAT and ACT prep.